Biometric Screenings

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Biometric Profile

Assessment can be a great first step in determining your strategy to build a culture of health in your workplace and in initiating behavior change in each individual. Our biometric and health screenings work to effectively identify behavior trends and risk factors, highlighting common lifestyle issues and potential corporate solutions. An understanding of your current health profile enables you to identify hidden threats before they become costly medical problems. Our wellness coaches provide explanation of results, give referrals to physician where necessary and help employees immediately start working towards or thinking about healthy behavior change.

Our biometric screening results are available immediately, so we can review the outcomes with your employees directly after testing while they are still engaged. All assessment screenings are professional, confidential and yield comprehensive aggregate and individual reports.

Our biometric screenings include the following:


  • Weight Risk Assessment
  • Metabolic Syndrome Risk
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose
  • Blood Cholesterol (Total, HDL, LDL, TC/HDL Ratio and Triglycerides)
  • Other Testing (Nicotine/Cotinine, HgA1c, PSA, CRP and more) is available upon request




Outcome Reporting by SB Wellness provides comprehensive individual and aggregate reporting on every on-site service we provide. These reports will guide you in the focus and development of your wellness budget.


Employer Reports

  • Annual Aggregate Data Reports
  • Aggregate Self-Reported Data (Tobacco Use, Medication Use, etc.)
  • Aggregate Wellness Coaching Reports
  • Aggregate Individual Risk Prevalence Change
  • Estimated Cost Savings Related to Prevalence Change

Employee Reports

  • Personal Data Report
  • Current Risk Factors
  • Metabolic Syndrome Risk
  • Individual Risk Prevalence Change
  • Wellness Coaching Report
  • Goal Setting



  • “We've tried doing health fair screenings in the past and it wasn't the best experience for our employees. SB Wellness Group does a great job. Their knowledgeable, energetic, and empathetic staff make all the difference for our employees in going through this process. Now our employees look forward to seeing their SB Wellness Coaches every time!”
    Satisfied Client, SB Wellness
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