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Metabolic Syndrome Program
Our 'Break the Cycle' Cardio Metabolic Risk Reduction Program is a comprehensive program that is designed to address lifestyle and behavior factors associated with metabolic syndrome. A person is diagnosed with metabolic syndrome when they have three or more of the following five risk factors:



  • Waist circumference >35 in. (Females); >40 in. (Males)
  • Blood pressure ≥130/85
  • Triglycerides ≥150
  • HDL (good) cholesterol ≤50 Females; ≤40 Males
  • Blood Glucose ≥100 Fasting; ≥140 Non-fasting

Having metabolic syndrome significantly increases a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Our program includes a full educational curriculum along with regular health coaching and management and support of physician care.


Healthy Heart Program
Learn the steps to improve heart health and implement heart-healthy behaviors. We will cover lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, prevention and more.


Diabetes Program
We’ve developed a program that educates and supports employees with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes that incorporates a similar formula to our Weight Management program.

We can also provide a two-part workshop that covers:
  • What is Diabetes?
  • Managing Diabetes and Controlling Risk
  • Diet and Exercise for Controlling and Preventing Diabetes
  • Individual Coaching


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