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Weight Management Program
Our unique Weight Management Program is designed to help your employees change the way they think, eat and move to reduce their weight and improve their health. At the core of our program is a team of wellness experts, including our registered dietician. This comprehensive program gives employees the necessary tools to achieve healthy and permanent weight loss.


  • Assessment
  • Meal Planning
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Individual Coaching

We understand that there is a higher cost of healthcare and risk of disease associated with obesity. A decrease in weight by even 5-10% can significantly reduce these risks and the costs associated with obesity. Let us help you reduce your risks and create a culture of wellness in your workplace.

Healthy at Any Weight Program
A health-centered program that focuses on total health and well-being—not just weight! “Healthy at Any Weight” promotes active living, healthy eating and nurturing environments that foster respect and self-acceptance, as well as self-responsibility. We enable individuals to take control of their own health with healthy lifestyle behaviors that will improve their well-being. And the best part is that everyone can benefit from this one!

Healthy Eating
We conduct group sessions on behavior modification and weight management programs. Our "Healthy Eating" program is a great way for employees to form new habits and behaviors without the pressure of a strict diet. We teach lifestyle changes that are realistic, beneficial and achievable and offer individual counseling when necessary.

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