Wellness Solutions

Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics Assessments and Training: We review current workstation setups and train your employees on ways to avoid common injuries:





  • Awkward neck positions while using the phone or looking at the computer
  • Correct posture to prevent muscle strain or injury
  • Excessive wrist deviation on keyboard and mouse that causes carpel tunnel syndrome



Teaching your employees the proper form and position in the workstation will increase productivity and avoid costly medical issues that can arise.


Warm Up at Work: Pre -Shift Stretch
Our shift stretch program is designed to help employees maintain their physical health and condition and prevent work-related injuries. A warm-up prepares the person mentally and physically by relaxing muscles and ligaments. It allows for easier movement with less stress.

Companies that have instituted pre-work warm-up stretching programs report fewer early-shift injuries and their workers report less fatigue and soreness at the end of the workday.

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