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Turn desire into action: making intentions a reality with one-on-one support and encouragement.


Let us help you build a culture of health through our comprehensive and flexible Be Well Programs! Studies show that individuals who receive ongoing support and education will be more successful in experiencing a permanent shift in behavior. Our wellness programs are designed to inspire your employees to stay motivated and committed to long-term lifestyle changes.

We can help you choose programs and services that will best fit your company’s goals, current health profile and budget.


Listed below are just some of our most popular programs. Contact for a more detailed list of all wellness programs we offer.

Our Wellness Programs



Wellness coaching is an integral component in all of our programming. Our highly-trained wellness coaches can help employees move to a new place in life and reach their goals through education, one-on-one support, guidance and encouragement.


The establishment of a personalized wellness program is based on the assessment of each individual’s needs, values, vision and goals, so that your employees can harness their personal best. Our coaches will help your employees answer questions, such as:

  • Are you healthy and at the weight you want?
  • Where do you get your energy?
  • What would you like to work on right now in your life?
  • What is hindering you personally, professionally and/or emotionally?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are your gifts and how are you using them?
  • What is your lifelong dream?
  • Do you have a vision that you are striving toward?


We recommend regularly scheduled on-site coaching sessions, to produce strategic results, while keeping your employees motivated, accountable and focused on their goals.



The strategic use of incentives is a cost-effective, highly successful motivator for employees to develop and maintain healthy behavior. Studies show that successful lifestyle changes occur when individuals are supported by their environment and have on-going education, encouragement and accountability. We have a wealth of incentive programs designed to keep your team motivated in reaching their personal goals, including motivational contests, health challenges, biometric and behavioral incentive rewards, health insurance premium programs, gift certificates, and points programs. We will partner with you to determine what motivates your employees, and assist you in designing, implementing and tracking your custom incentive program.


Employee Challenges & Contests

Individual and department-wide contests are a great way to promote teamwork and boost morale. Our staff can design creative ways to get your employees moving.


Weight Management Program
Our unique Weight Management Program is designed to help your employees change the way they think, eat and move to reduce their weight and improve their health. At the core of our program is a team of wellness experts, including our registered dietician. This comprehensive program gives employees the necessary tools to achieve healthy and permanent weight loss.

  • Assessment
  • Meal Planning
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Individual Coaching

We understand that there is a higher cost of healthcare and risk of disease associated with obesity. A decrease in weight by even 5-10% can significantly reduce these risks and the costs associated with obesity. Let us help you reduce your risks and create a culture of wellness in your workplace.


Healthy at Any Weight Program
A health-centered program that focuses on total health and well-being—not just weight! “Healthy at Any Weight” promotes active living, healthy eating and nurturing environments that foster respect and self-acceptance, as well as self-responsibility. We enable individuals to take control of their own health with healthy lifestyle behaviors that will improve their well-being. And the best part is that everyone can benefit from this one!


Healthy Eating
We conduct group sessions on behavior modification and weight management programs. Our Healthy Eating” program is a great way for employees to form new habits and behaviors without the pressure of a strict diet. We teach lifestyle changes that are realistic, beneficial and achievable and offer individual counseling when necessary.



Healthy Heart Program
Learn the steps to improve heart health and implement heart-healthy behaviors. We will cover lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, prevention and more.


Diabetes Program
We’ve developed a program that educates and supports employees with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes that incorporates a similar formula to our Weight Management program.


We can also provide a two-part workshop that covers:

  • What is Diabetes?
  • Managing Diabetes and Controlling Risk
  • Diet and Exercise for Controlling and Preventing Diabetes
  • Individual Coaching


Be Well programs
Ask about our Metabolic Syndrome Program and other Disease Management Programs.

  • Guidance and Encouragement
  • Support and Education Group Sessions
  • Results Tracking and More

QuitSmart Stop Smoking
SBWellness can assist you to develop smoke-free policies, set up smoking cessation incentives and programs and implement our QuitSmart Stop Smoking Program into your organization. QuitSmart uses proven methods to help employees overcome physical addiction to nicotine, psychological dependence on cigarettes and unhealthy habits related to smoking. This program includes the acclaimed QuitSmart Stop Smoking Kit, which provides your employees with social support, encouragement, accountability and many other effective tools that make quitting easy.


We are skilled at promotions, community relationship-building, public relations, sales and marketing, and management, and we offer consultation services in the following areas:

  • Establishing corporate goals for wellness programs
  • Surveying employee wellness needs and conducting Health Risk Appraisals
  • Developing cost-effective ways to meet wellness needs
  • Organizing interventions for high-risk employees
  • Designing and implementing wellness plans to meet company goals
  • Hiring staff for wellness programs as needed
  • Overseeing wellness programs and staff
  • On-Site Wellness Center and Gym Management


Assessments and Training
We review current workstation setups and train your employees on ways to avoid common injuries:


  • Awkward neck positions while using the phone or looking at the computer
  • Correct posture to prevent muscle strain or injury
  • Excessive wrist deviation on keyboard and mouse that causes carpel tunnel syndrome


Teaching your employees the proper form and position in the workstation will increase productivity and avoid costly medical issues that can arise.

Warm Up at Work: Pre -Shift Stretch
Our shift stretch program is designed to help employees maintain their physical health and condition and prevent work-related injuries. A warm-up prepares the person mentally and physically by relaxing muscles and ligaments. It allows for easier movement with less stress. Companies that have instituted pre-work warm-up stretching programs report fewer early-shift injuries and their workers report less fatigue and soreness at the end of the workday.



Our stress management programs include workshops and seminars, and our very popular
“Something’s Gotta Give” Stress and Energy Breaks Program. These programs can be designed to reach employees in their work environment and during regularly scheduled meetings and events.

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