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Help Your Employees Cope Through Difficult Times

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The Louisiana Flooding: Help employees cope through these difficult times. Baton Rouge and surrounding areas have definitely fell on challenging times. The Great Flood of 2016 wreaked havoc on entire communities and continues to impact local businesses, both directly and indirectly. With times like these, stress levels rise and employees are often more nervous and anxious

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Infographic: How Neglecting Health Affects Your Workplace

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Infographic: How Neglecting Health Affects Your Workplace Neglecting health and a lack of focus on mental and physical well-being can have devastating effects on your bottom line. Creating a culture of wellness in your workplace can improve the health of your employees and your business. See the financial impact poor health habits can lead to in this infographic created by SB Wellness

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Prevent Employee Burnout to Improve Bottom Line

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Work Stress and Employee Burnout Negatively Impacts Performance Studies indicate that one of the top concerns that business owners face is employee burnout. This isn’t the same as having the occasional Monday blues or added pressure from a new project, but ongoing stress one doesn’t easily rebound from. Employees who are overwhelmed and burnout at work can begin to feel a chronic

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Empowering Employees Through Wellness Education

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Wellness Education Can Empower Employees to Make Better Choices While we certainly recognize that employees are ultimately responsible for their own health, the workplace can truly provide an excellent opportunity to educate and support employees in making healthy choices and potential changes that they can carry out into their personal lives. I held a ‘Care

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Leave Workplace Stress at the Office Infographic

Leave Workplace Stress at the Office Workplace stress continues to be a top priority for employers and employees. Staying constantly connected through technology impact both work and personal life for today’s workforce. Share these valuable tips with your team on the negative effects of stress and how they can begin to better manage it. Infographic

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