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Cultivating a Healthy Workplace: Lead with Gratitude

healthy workplace, gratitude in the workplace; employee appreciation; employee recognition; workplace well-beingHealthy Workplace: How to Lead with Gratitude

Most business leaders recognize that a healthy workplace is a win for everyone involved. Part of cultivating a healthy workplace is employee recognition and appreciation. It goes hand in hand with overall employee well-being. Attention to employee well-being can positively impact all aspects of your company. Your co-workers or employees are the most important part of your organization. Leading with and providing an environment of gratitude leads to more productive and engaged employees. The holiday season is a perfect time to lead with gratitude.

Employee recognition and gratitude can create a distinctive culture and strengthen employee interactions. Showing gratitude can increase a person’s mood and energy, promote better sleep habits, increase metabolism and lessen stress. This directly impacts work results and employee interaction. With employee appreciation you boost performance and engagement, as well as  well-being and health. These are all linked to improved morale and productivity.

How can you create a healthy workplace with gratitude?

healthy workplace, gratitude in the workplace; employee appreciation; employee recognition; workplace well-being

1. Give recognition and praise. Studies show that Americans in general show the least amount of gratitude in the workplace than in any other area of their lives. As a leader, find more ways to show gratitude and your employees are more likely to do the same with each other.
2. Provide a good work environment. Show them you are grateful for their hard work by providing a workplace that supports a healthier more balanced lifestyle. In our experience, majority of our clients’ poor health habits are related to feeling overwhelmed by life-work balance. When given resources and tools at work to support better health, they feel more appreciated and empowered.
3. Be consistent. Often employers or management do a great job for a little while until a major change or project in the company happens and they lose focus. Stressful changes in the company and more demanding periods are when employees need the support most.


Employee Wellbeing, employee wellness, leadership, employee morale, productivity

A well designed employee wellness program focuses on a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of wellness. SB Wellness can support a culture of gratitude through our Healthy Campus, Healthy Employees program as well as a number of our seminars topics.




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