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Maintaining Workplace Wellness over the Holidays

Maintaining Workplace Wellness Health over the Holidays

The Holidays are here! The hustle and bustle of this time of the year can add lots of stress to employees.  For employers, who provide and implement year-long wellness programs, this can be a confusing time of year as well when it comes to keeping employees healthy. We have some tips for you that will help you help employees get through the holidays healthy and happy!

  1. Stick with your year round wellness policy and gently remind employees what types of foods are acceptable to bring into the office and for meetings. Sending the message out now that the company truly wants to support employees’ efforts to be healthy, can eliminate the snowball of sweets, candies and other unhealthy items that seem to make their way into offices and homes this time of year!
  2. Send messages about choosing healthy meals in between Thanksgiving and Christmas day celebrations. Have healthy lunch days and provide salads, fruit and veggie trays, hummus platter, or other healthy fare. Don’t bring the cookies or sweet drinks that many restaurants provide with these ‘healthier’ choices!
  3. Donate ‘unhealthy’ gifts from corporate sponsors or vendors to shelters, instead of dumping them in your company break rooms. Give healthier gifts to vendors this year with a message about being a ‘healthy worksite’. This may help spur healthier giving in the future from these same sponsors or vendors.
  4. Have a unique holiday party for your team this year that involves fun exercises or activities rather than centers around food. If you have employees who love to cook, challenge them to bring healthy recipes and have prizes for the best dishes! Give healthier gifts or prizes out at your holiday party this year.
  5. Ask us about our Healthy for the Holidays Challenge! We help your employees focus on maintaining weight, not gaining the usual 5-7 lbs! It’s an easy challenge that helps employees stay focused on health during the season, while not adding any stress to their already full plates!
  6. Give your employees something to look forward to in the new year. Most people are ready to focus on their health starting in the new year. Put some planning and thought into your wellness program now. Plan a kick-off event for your annual program or just to celebrate a new and healthier year ahead. A goal setting seminar is also a great way to get your team on track. Ask us about our New Year Seminar Special!

For more information about how SB Wellness can help you coach your employees into better health and wellness, contact us today for a free consultation! Remember, your workers are the most important part of your company, and their well-being directly affects your productivity, disposition and quality of work.

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