Workplace Wellness Strategies

Worksite Wellness: Are You Afraid to Dive In?

Worksite Wellness

We talk to concerned business leaders every day about starting or enhancing their worksite wellness programs for their employees. Many are hesitant to dive in because there is so much conflicting information out there. Or they have too many unanswered questions that hinder them from getting started. Many employers like you are concerned with investing in

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Health Coaching: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Wellness Program

Health Coach; Lifestyle Coaching; Behavior Change

People ask me every day what sets my company apart from others when it comes to corporate wellness. “What can you offer me that’s different from what I already have,” is a common question that I often get asked when meeting with potential clients. I, along with many industry experts, truly believe that personal, one-to-one wellness

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How Can You Begin to Create a Culture of Wellness?

worksite wellness; culture change; wellness programs

Are your employees stretched thin, burned out, unhealthy and/or unhappy? Is it time for a culture change? We talk to employees everyday who are expressing how exhausted or stressed out they are at work. These same employees are falling apart at the seams. They have high blood pressure. They are overeating and overweight. Many of

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Challenge Your Team to Step Up to Nutrition and Health

engagement; inspiration

At SB Wellness, it’s Challenge Yourself Month, and we have been busy challenging ourselves and our clients to step up to the plate when it comes to making better decisions regarding our health and wellbeing! With that being said, I challenge company leaders and decision makers to challenge their employees to step up to the

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Do Biometrics Really Work When it Comes to Wellness?

Performing assessments is typically the first step in determining a company’s plan to build a culture of health in their workplace and in initiating behavior change in each individual. At SB Wellness, we have seen time and time again how biometric and health screenings work effectively to identify behavior trends and risk factors among employees,

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