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Quitting Smoking and Its Role in the Workplace

quitting smoking; smoking in workplace; quit smart; smoking cessation; employee who smokes; healthcare costsQuitting Smoking in the Workplace

According to the American Cancer Society, about half of Americans who smoke and don’t stop will die because of smoking. This statistic is sobering; that’s why it’s important to realize the necessity of supporting employees in quitting smoking.

According to a study published in Tobacco Control in 2014,  it is estimated the annual cost to employ a person who smokes is approximately $5,816 (Estimating the cost of a smoking employee – Berman et al. 23 (5): 428 – Tobacco Control.) It just makes since to encourage quitting among workforce for both the sake of the employee and the employer.  Here are just a few reasons why quitting can be beneficial:

  • Individuals who quit smoking have fewer sicknesses such as colds and the flu, lower instances of bronchitis and pneumonia and simply feel healthier than those who continue to smoke.
  • Twenty minutes after quitting, a person has a lower heart rate and his or her blood pressure drops, and in about two weeks, both blood circulation and lung function show improvements.
  • In addition, quitting smoking lowers an individual’s risk of stroke, heart attack and chronic lung conditions.

Quitting Smoking: Begin with Smokeout Day

Today is the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout , which is set for the 3rd Thursday in November each year. Smokers are encouraged to use this date to make a plan to quit or to go smoke-free for that day. By stopping for just one day, smokers take a positive step toward a healthier lifestyle. A lifestyle that can lead to reduced risk for lung cancer and other types of chronic diseases. Recognizing initiatives like this one in the workplace and creating your own awareness-raising efforts can make employees feel more supported in their decision to quit.

workplace wellness, worksite wellness, employee wellness programsSB Wellness Group can assist you in developing smoke-free policies for the workplace, establish smoking cessation programs and initiatives as well as implement our QuitSmart Stop Smoking Program. This specialized program gives your employees social support, encouragement, accountability and other tools that make quitting smoking easy. For more information about our smoking cessation program or other workplace wellness programs, contact us today!


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