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What’s New in Healthcare: Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Consider Workplace Health

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SB Wellness’ Workplace Health Feature in Baton Rouge Business Report’s What’s New in Healthcare 2016  RISING HEALTH CARE costs are a top risk that organizations and businesses fear, especially in today’s climate of the penalties, red tape and changing regulatory guidelines of health care reform. Add to that high turnover, low engagement, high absenteeism and burnout, and

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Practicing Mindfulness Boosts Employee Well-Being

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Meditation and Mindfulness…The Path to Enlightenment and Bliss! If you knew that there was something you could do for 2-5 minutes every day that would reduce your stress, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, lower anxiety, reduce blood cortisol (your stress hormone) levels, improve your ability to focus, has no negative side effects and is free,

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