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What is a Health Coach? Insight from SB Wellness Coach and Clients

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What is a Health Coach? When most of us think of the word coach, our favorite professional sports team, former football coach or our child’s soccer coach comes to mind. We think of a person who pushes you, teaches you skills and guides you to a goal of achieving greatness. In today’s world the word

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Employee Wellness: Where to Begin

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ABC’s of Starting an Employee Wellness Program Are you thinking about starting an employee wellness program or making improvements to your current plan? It can be an exciting venture for any company. When done right, incorporating wellness into your culture  ignites new energy into your workforce. However, it can be a lot of work for you and your decision makers.

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Worksite Wellness: Why is it for You?

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Why Worksite Wellness? In today’s society worksite wellness is more widely accepted and understood than ever before. But I still get asked pretty often why it’s so important for companies to adopt a wellness culture for their organization. For someone like myself, who has been part of the wellness industry for so long, it seems like a no brainer.

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Worksite Wellness: Are You Afraid to Dive In?

Worksite Wellness

We talk to concerned business leaders every day about starting or enhancing their worksite wellness programs for their employees. Many are hesitant to dive in because there is so much conflicting information out there. Or they have too many unanswered questions that hinder them from getting started. Many employers like you are concerned with investing in

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