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Your employees are the most important part of your organization, and their well-being directly affects productivity, disposition, and quality of work. As a company leader, how do you deal with rising health care costs, decreased productivity, increased absenteeism and high turnover? SB Wellness understands the challenges companies face. We develop customized solutions for managing wellness and helping businesses create a culture of wellness and productivity.

SB Wellness is about building relationships, and we’ve built our business by creating connections with people in a variety of workplace environments. These connections are the foundation for developing an in-depth understanding of what truly motivates people.


Our mission is to create company cultures that promote and nurture wellness in your individual employees, while enhancing the fiscal health of your company.


Wellness Solutions

SB Wellness specializes in creating enriching company cultures that encourage positive, long-term lifestyle changes. We develop award-winning wellness programs with proven success that you can measure. Just like people, no two companies are identical, so we design customized wellness programs based on your individual needs and challenges. We are dedicated to innovation and we create cost-effective programs, develop policies and procedures, offer expert consultation and implement and manage programs for companies of all sizes.


From planning and data collection to screening and implementation, we orchestrate each stage of the wellness development process from start to finish.


  • “It is my pleasure to recommend SB Wellness. SB Wellness has exclusively assisted and consulted on our employee wellness program for nine years. More than just a vendor, SB Wellness has been a reliable and creative partner to us. The company has helped us plan and implement a very successful and comprehensive wellness program for our employees and has assisted in changing our culture to embrace the concept of wellness. Other areas of our company such as our member-client wellness program and our community relations group, have thanked us repeatedly for recommending SB Wellness to them. SB Wellness’s staff raises the bar in the wellness industry and we would be hard-pressed to consider any other company for our wellness program, and recommend SB Wellness wholeheartedly.”
    Corporate Client, SB Wellness
  • “SB Wellness kept me focused, motivated and on track with positive feedback. With my personalized health plan, meetings with a licensed nutritionist, exercise, education classes, and group meetings I have lost over 60 pounds and 8 dress sizes. I have more energy and stamina, which is essential in my busy lifestyle—balancing work, family, and personal time. These results have given me a sense of accomplishment and more confidence that “ Hey, I can really do this!” Most importantly, medically, my health has improved far beyond what I thought would ever be possible.”
    Satisfied Client SB Wellness
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