Be Well Programs

Bringing wellness to the workplace is our mission.
Helping individuals live a happy, healthy life is our passion.

Let us help you build a culture of health through our comprehensive and flexible Be Well Programs! 

Be Intentional

Biometric Screening & Outcomes Reports

  • Excellent Participant Experience
  • Advanced Data and Aggregate Reports
  • Confidential and Professional Screenings

Superior Health Coaching

  • Immediate Participant Results  
  • Health Risk Education
  • Individualized Goal Setting

Consulting & Healthy Campus

  • Professional Consultation
  • Wellness Program Design and Implementation
  • Healthy Workplace Initiatives

Be Inspired

Health Education

  • Inspiring Seminars and Classes
  • Designed for Lasting Behavior Change
  • Innovative Science-Based Information

Individualized Wellness Coaching

  • Helping Employees Reduce Health Risks
  • Evidence-Based Coaching Practices
  • Whole-Person Approach to Well-Being

Incentive Programs

  • Long-Term Industry Experience
  • Customized Program Development
  • Engaging and Meaningful Programs

Be Influenced

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Weight Management Program

  • Comprehensive Program with Proven Success
  • Individualized Weight Loss Plan
  • Ongoing Support, Material and Resources

Disease Management

  • Metabolic Syndrome Program
  • Diabetes Prevention and Management
  • Heart Healthy Program and More

Smoking Cessation

  • The Smart Way to Quit Smoking
  • Certified Health Professional Led Classes
  • Effective, Proven Smoking Cessation Program

Be Informed

Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

  • Interactive, Easy to Implement Programs
  • Team-Building with an Impact
  • Whole-Person Wellness Approach
  • Mindfulness Based Practices; Both In-Person and Virtual Classes Offered

Ergonomics / Pre-Shift Stretch

  • Ergonomic Evaluation and Education
  • Certified Health Professionals
  • Programs that Integrate Wellness and Safety

Interactive Programs & Classes

  • Simple, Meaningful and Flexible
  • Interactions That Inspire Change
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Classes

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