Healthy Leaders

The Complete Program for Leaders and Busy Executives

Healthy Leaders

Our leadership workshops and coaching programs will help busy executives or leaders in any position become calm, curious, courageous, and creative leaders. Transform the mind and body in this 4-week program or 90-day intensive coaching program.

This customized wellness program focuses on total well-being with an overall goal of achieving optimal performance. Those in leadership roles or at the executive level often experience greater demands, potential for burnout, and higher levels of stress, all while having to lead in a strong and authentic way. They must figure out how to lead in this ever changing and challenging environment where their optimal performance is depended upon the most. 
PERSONALIZED: Our program is customized to meet and address your individual health and wellness needs. Our experienced staff will deliver the best program suited to your current health status, fitness level and dietary needs.

COMPREHENSIVE: From stress management and sleep habits to exercise and nutrition, we help determine what your greatest needs are, tie it all together and work with you to make lasting changes.

CONVENIENT: We will work hard to make the program fit with your already busy schedule. Our staff will come to you for all screening and coaching appointments. Phone and web coaching are also made available when necessary.

SPECIALIZED: Our coaching and programming are tailored to conform to the needs and demands of the busy executive.

MEASURABLE RESULTS: Our initial, mid-point and final assessment will give you a baseline of your personal health and provide benchmarks for measuring improvements and progress.

Client Testimonial

SB Wellness kept me focused, motivated and on track with positive feedback. With my personalized health plan, meetings with a registered dietitian, exercise sessions and education classes, I have lost over 60 pounds and 8 dress sizes. I have more energy and stamina, which is essential in my busy lifestyle of balancing work, family, and personal time. These results have given me a sense of accomplishment and I’m more confident that ‘Hey I can really do this!’ Most importantly, medically, my health has improved far beyond what I thought would ever be possible.

-Satisfied Client

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