Exercise Motivation: What Will Work for You?

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Exercising Consistently is Essential: Why are So Many Not Doing It?

Most know they need it and understand the countless benefits, many want to stay the course, and lots truly enjoy it. Sounds simple, right? Sadly, much of our population struggles to keep exercise an integral part of their lives. According to The Journal of American Medicine Association, approximately 80% of U.S. children and adults are not getting the recommended physical activity (JAMA) . For many, the recommended amount may feel overwhelming. For others, they simply don't feel like they have enough time in their day. Our message is always that something is better than nothing. Getting up from your workstation or couch three times each day to move or walk for 5-10 minutes will make a significant impact over time.

Discover the Workouts that Work for You and Make Them Stick

Our team has been providing group exercise classes, steps and activity challenges and one-on-one exercise instruction for decades now. Here’s what we have learned through our extensive experience:
  • Different types of exercise appeals to individuals. We are all motivated to exercise very differently. Some people prefer a group setting, some just want to be led through a workout and not have to think about it, some would prefer to workout alone. Our advice? Keep trying different avenues until you find what works for you. The key is to do the type of exercise you are most likely to stick to.
  • Exercise adherence long-term is a universal struggle. There is a small percentage of the population that just love exercise, but even those folks hit roadblocks occasionally. When our clients are burnt out, we suggest mixing things up. This is when you’ve got to try something new, get a new workout buddy or set a new goal.
  • Injuries are a setback and always a risk. An injury can be discouraging but can also be a wake-up call. We educate our clients about what they may be doing during exercise and throughout their day that could lead to pain or injury. Our instructors give options for all levels. This is key if you are participating in a class or working with a trainer. If they are not encouraging or reminding you to listen to your body and scale it back when you need to, you may be putting yourself at risk. Part of making progress is stepping out of your comfort zone. You should never be working through serious pain.
  • Continued motivation is key for everyone. We believe you need an entire cheering section when it comes to long-term exercise habits. We provide continued support and education by offering a variety of services that keep our clients moving and motivated. For you, this may mean surrounding yourself with other active people, constantly reevaluating your exercise goals or seeking out a group exercise setting or online community that will keep you encouraged.

See What our Clients and Group Exercise Participants Have to Say

For privacy purposes, participants names and company are kept anonymous:

“I really like the classes and can't wait to get back into the habit of doing a class every day. I tell everyone, even my friends that don't work with me, how much I enjoy the classes.”

“My overall health and wellbeing have been supported and improved by daily workouts with you. For me, access to on-line Zoom calls during covid was amazing.  I have managed to be more fit than I have been in years, and it is all because of the dedication I have had to my 11:30 workouts.”
“Thank you for everything that you have shared over the years regarding fitness and training.  You have all been inspirations!”

“I've only been doing Restore for a few weeks, but I look forward to it so much. It's just the break I need during the workday.”

“I think the instructors are extremely well-educated and responsive to the needs of the class. Super fun and clear with instruction and reason for exercises.”

“You are doing an amazing job providing fun and engaging classes every day! Please continue to provide online classes. Your classes are beneficial for our physical, as well as emotional wellbeing. Thank you for everything you do!”
“Thank you so much for doing these virtual classes. I do the Restore one and it is a lifesaver!”

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